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Any dog 4 months of age or older but be licensed or younger in age if the puppy is caught running at large.

A current rabies certificate which is valid for at least 30 days from the date of the purchase of the license.
If the dog is spayed or neutered then a a spay/neuter certificate is required in order to receive a license fee discount.

$12.00 if the spay/neuter certificate is submitted when licensing the dog.
$25.00 if the dog is unspayed/unneutered or if the spay/neuter certificate is not submitted when licensing the dog.

Discounts available:
$1.00 if the owner is 65 years of age or older (must provide copy of driver's license)
$1.00 if the dog has been micro-chipped (must provide paperwork)

For your protection, the Town's policy is not to accept payment over the phone.

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If your collection day is on or follows any of these holidays during the week, then your collection will be one day later.

If the holiday falls during a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), collection will be on normal schedule.

Evans Environmental Fair Saturday, April 14, 2018 9am - 2pm at Evans Center Volunteer Fire Hall.  Evans Residents only and must bring your current driver's license with you.  Only 2 devices per household.

Contact Erie County Environment at 858-6800
visit their webpage by clicking below
for an upcoming drop-off event
Erie County - Recycling

The following is considered Electronic Waste:

All Televisions
The following computer equipment:  Monitors, Terminals, Computers, Scanners, Ink Cartridges, Printers, Fax Machines, Network Equipment, Keybords, Mice and Computer Accessories.
The following Miscellaneous Electronics:  Circuit Boards, Cabling & Wiring, Typewriters, Telecommunications Equipment, Audio/Visual Equipment, Video Game Systems, Cell Phones, PDA's, IPOD's, Universal Power Supplies & Microwave Ovens.

The following is NOT ACCEPTED at the Electronic Waste Drop-off:

Any Liquids/Powders, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifers, Refrigerators, Kitchen/Personal Appliances, Batteries and Flourescent Lamps.

Both applicants must be present together and have the following with them:

Driver's License AND  Government Issued Raised Seal Birth Certificate,
$40.00     AND
If there are any prior marriages then the following must be provided:
Divorce Papers and/or Death Certificates for any and all prior marriages.

Applicants need to come in a minimum of 24 hours before the ceremony and a maximum of 60 days before the ceremony.

Business hours for the issuance of Marriage Licenses:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 8am - 3pm   AND 
Wednesday, from 9am - 4pm

Special Enrollment Fact Sheet NY Health

You can bag the leaves and take them to the
Evans Town Park the Beachside Gate
and dump them out of the bags into the designated area
and take the bags with you.
This is a FREE drop off that is
open to Town of Evans residents
usually held in Ocotber when & if weather permitting.
Call the Parks Department with any questions 549-0970.

No Commercial Landscapers.

Effective April 19, 2016
There is a FREE drop-off at the Highway Barns, 8752 Delamater Road.
Open to Town of Evans Residents.
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Residential Use Only.

Call the Highway Department 549-3533 for further questions.

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