NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Evans Town Board will hold a Special Town Board Meeting for the purpose of entering Executive Session at the Evans Town Hall, 8787 Erie Road, Angola, New York, on Wednesday, March 29, 2016, at 5:30pm.

Dated: March 17, 2017

By Order of the 
Town Board 
of the Town of Evans
Lynn M. Krajacic, Town Clerk

Erie County - Staying Connected. Enter Your Address to Take the Survey!

This online survey will determine your access to broadband. Broadband is rapidly becoming a necessity in everyday life and the data we have previously compiled indicates many of our residents are lacking speed and choice, do not have sufficient, reliable access to the Internet, or are facing a combination of both issues. We want to explore our options to bring better coverage and more choice to everyone living in Erie County, but we can't do it without your input!

You will need to enter your address in order to provide the most useful fiber data, but your information will be used solely for data purposes. None of the information you provide will be distributed or sold. Your participation can help us identify areas that need improvement and decide how to go about addressing the problems we've identified for all of our residents. Don't wait, take the survey today! 

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