Sturgeon Point Advisory Board Purpose:

The Sturgeon Point Advisory Board was created by the Town Board of Evans for the purpose of insuring that the Town has the benefit of information and input from the citizens of Evans in the areas of community impact, sportsmen and boat users needs and operational efficiency in an effort to insure the success of the Sturgeon Point Marina. The Board will act in an advisory capacity to help coordinate state, county and local government efforts; make recommendations on management, operations and layout of facility; identify potential problem areas and recommend solutions; secure the advice of and maintain liaison with other groups, such as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen, the Erie County Fish Advisory Board, the Sea Grant Institute and any other groups or individuals who can lend input; to generally promote the Sturgeon Point facility.

Regular meetings are held from April thru October, the second Monday of each month 7:00 pm at the Sturgeon Point Marina. Each voting member is under a one-year term.

Sturgeon Point Advisory Board Voting Members

Frank Rademacher

vert bar

Michael Franey Sr.
Vice Chairman

Cheri R. Hahn

Scott J. Addison

Arthur Buczkowski 

Patrick Conrad

Eileen Flaherty

Jeffrey Jarzynski

Paul E. Ryerse, Sr.

David M. Sippel

Thomas Smaldino

Andrew Supon