Saturday, April 21, 2018 9:30am - 12:30pm
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Changes effective Jan.2, 2018 for recycling

Recycling Tote

96 Gallon Recycling Containers must have the handles facing towards your home.
The containers will not be emptied if the handles are not facing towards you home.


Week A Pickup 

Recycling A

Week B Pickup 

Recycling B

 What Can Be Recycled 2018 01


Mission Statement

To promote recycling, to develop and deliver programs that educate the public about recycling, reducing and reusing goods. To ensure a safe and healthy Evans for current and future generations. To inspire each other to create and maintain cleaner neighborhoods, Parks and Lake Erie.

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Committee Members are appointed by the Town Board and serve one-year terms.      

Recycling Committee Members

Truman Partridge

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Mary Hosler

Carolanne Costantino

Dave Mosher

Laura Nosbisch 

James Jowsey


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