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Code Enforcement Officer
•Stormwater Management Officer MS4

con tel (716) 549-5753
con fax (716) 549-0456 FAX
con address 8787 Erie Road
Angola, New York 14006


Code Enforcement Office Staff 

Code Enforcement Officer
John Flading
Fire Marshal
John Lattimore

Michele Wapniewski



Mission Statement

"It is the mission of the Code Enforcement Department of the Town of Evans to work in partnership with the Evans Town Board, Planning Division, Director of Community Development and the Police Department to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain or improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of the Building Codes of New York, Municipal Codes, and land use requirements."

Please contact the Code Enforcement Office for the fee schedule.

NOTE: Contractors/homeowners are encouraged to make an appointment to ensure that there is an inspector in the office to provide assistance. Please make an appointment by contacting the Town's Code Enforcement Department at 716-549-5753. 

All contracted plumbing work is required to be completed by a master plumber, who is licensed in the Town of Evans to perform such work.
 2023 Master Plumber List

The following publications are available to be printed or can be obtained at the Code Enforcement Department at the town hall:

icon Safety Bulletins

Fire Safety For Kids, a site brought to you by the U.S. Fire Administration for Kids.

All Code Enforcement Officers are New York State certified and are members of the International Code Council and Niagara Frontier Building Officials Association.

If you would like to order some reflective house address number signs for your home, to make it more efficient for first responders to locate you in the event of an emergency, or even to comply with the Town of Evans code click on the link below and fill out the infrmation as directed.

globe-icon Reflective House Address Signs

EC Health Dept. (Septic Systems) 961-6800

EC Sewer Dist. #2 (Sewer Systems) 549-3161
Allied Waste (Garbage Issues) 1-800-283-4220
Dept. of Environmental Conservation (NYS Flood plain & CEHA) 851-7000
Federal Emergency Management Assoc. (Flood Hazard Areas) 800-462-9029
US Army Corp. of Engineers (Federal Wetlands) 879-4330
National Grid Customer Service 800-642-4272
NYSEG Customer Service 800-572-1111
National Fuel Gas Customer Serivce 686-6123
Verizon for Residences 890-7100
AT&T Customer Service 888-227-3824
Dig Safely NY (Underground Utilities) 811
Town of Evans Highway Dept. (Roads & Culverts) 549-3533
Erie County Highway Dept. (EC Roads & Culverts) 858-7966
NYS Dept. of Transportation (NYS Highway Areas) 847-3238
Town of Evans Planning Dept. 549-0945
Town of Evans Assessor Dept. 549-5752


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