Time and Where to Place
& What is Acceptable to Recycle

Town Code            §149-5 E
It shall be the responsibility of any person, either as owner, occupant, lessee, agent and/or tenant of premises or property as defined herein, to dispose of any and all litter, garbage, refuse and/or junk on premises or in the right-of-way of a roadway, public or otherwise, upon which such premises or property fronts, or adjoins, or to which such property is subject, in a safe and sanitary manner and keeping the premises free and clear therefrom.

Town Code         §149-5 E (1) 
Anyone placing garbage, refuse and/or junk at the curb, right-of-way, roadway or otherwise for Town-wide trash pickup shall not do so prior to 6:00 p.m. of the night before scheduled pickup.

What Can Be Recycled - Recycling Guide?
  •This guide will explain what items can and can not be recycled.

When is my Recycling Pick Up week?
pdf 2020 Recycling Calendar & Street Listings

  ♦♦♦96 Gallon Recycling Container must be placed with the handle facing the house in order for the truck to pick up the container and dump it.
If it is not facing the house it will not be emptied.♦♦♦