The committee meets twice annually and as needed to review and update agricultural codes and addresses concerns of the farm community.


Committee Members

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Ex-Officio Members

Paul Michalec

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       Joe Kwilos       

Russell Barten
Erie County Farm Bureau

Cheryl Caughel

Vicky Kurek 

Jeneen Hill
Code Enforcement Officer

Gary Sager 


Town Planning Director
Director of Community Development




The Town of Evans Agricultural Advisory Committee has been established for the purpose of:

  1. Recognizing the importance of agriculture as both a vital local economic base and as a landform that provides the Town of Evans with much of its rural, rustic character and charm.
  2. Assuring the continued viability of farming as an industry, which is important to the local economy and to the preservation of open space and vistas.
  3. Providing for the most beneficial relationship between the use of land and buildings and the agricultural practices of the community.
  4. Further encouraging the wise use and management of the Town's natural resources through modern farming practices.
  5. Providing a means for minimizing, mediating and resolving conflicts between farmers and non-farm neighbors.
  6. Adhering to, advising and supporting enforcement of all Town codes pertaining to agriculture.


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